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  I'm Raeanne, married momma, lover of love, dancing fool and a wedding photographer based in Austin, Texas.  As much as we all love a perfectly posed photo, I live for the in-between moments.  The moments you are so caught up you forget I am there.  Now with all that being said, I do also love a good portrait.  You know those portraits you've seen of your great-great grandma and grandfather where they look extra stiff, but less stiff and still very much posed.  If you're like me, you will step in front of a camera and all the sudden you're Ricky Bobby and not sure what to do with hands.  Don't worry, I will be your photot spirit guide, walk you through it and catch the in-between moments all at the same time.    


  When I am not behind the camera, you can find me hanging out with my husband and sweetie babies.  I got married in 2018 after meeting my husband in 2015.  It's a classic modern day love story where we met on the internet.  We did a year long distance, and he moved to Austin where we now have three kids.  I find myself in an interesting spot, while I am shooting weddings.  Before having kids, I watched the couple and reminisced when it was my day.  Although my babies are babies, I now catch myself looking at the parents and dreaming about when I'll be in their shoes.  Weddings are so special.  Being in love and finding your partner is so sweet.  Your memories matter, and I take you choosing me as your photographer as an honor.  I am grateful you've clicked around and came this far. 


  Finding your photographer is a big deal.  Things you need to know about me.  I am a laugher, but will get teary-eyed when you walk down the aisle.  I will eat a piece of cake.  It's part of the deal.  I also will jump in and be doing the wobble alongside you.  I want to be your Instagram friend, like your photos  and root you on.    


  After losing my mom at such a young age, I only have so many photos of her.  I have found that photos are a form of time travel for me.  I may not remember or maybe I wasn't even there, but I can feel and see what is happening.  Photos are such a beautiful way to remember.  Let me help you time travel and remember the details.    


  Now for the nitty gritty stuff.  "Show me the money."  If you have clicked around and are sold on me, but need to know what the costs are you've came to the right spot.  I believe six to eight hours of wedding coverage is the sweet spot for most.  I love to do engagement sessions, so I can get to know you a little better and vice versa.  I mean I am invited to your wedding, so we should be at least acquainted.  $2.400 - $3,200 are the starting ranges for those collections.  For a full detail of pricing reach out.  If you think we are a match made in photographer heaven and your day matches my vibes I would love to hear all the deatils of your day.  I want to know it all.  I want to know if you want to place your sister's boyfriend on the edge, so we can crop him out later if we have to.  Kidding, but you get.  Get me the full story, so I can tell yours. 


As Sir Mix-A-Lot say, "I wanna get with ya and take ya picture", 



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